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Shore Lodge Wedding

photographed by: Lynnsey Phillips | Founder & Creative Director

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Nestled by the picturesque Lake Payette, the Shore Lodge in McCall, Idaho, set the stage for a wedding day for the sweetest couple. As their wedding photographer, I was not only privileged to capture their special day but also formed a close bond with them during the planning process. Their fast love story, heartwarming family dynamics, and the enchanting venue made this wedding a dream to photograph.

As a photographer, there’s nothing more fulfilling than forming a genuine connection with my clients.

The Love Story

These two are the embodiment of a dream client – kind, loving, and deeply connected to each other and their family. Throughout the wedding planning process, we had countless heart-to-heart conversations, discussing everything from motherhood to following one’s intuition. Their love story mirrored that of my husband and me – a whirlwind romance, quick decision to start a family, and the joy of incorporating their daughter into their wedding celebration.

As a photographer, there’s nothing more fulfilling than forming a genuine connection with my clients. Mary-Clare and Rich welcomed me with open arms, and that instant bond enhanced my ability to capture their love in its purest form.

The Enchanting Venue: Shore Lodge Wedding

The Shore Lodge holds a special place in the hearts of many couples seeking a romantic wedding experience in McCall. Located right on the tranquil shores of Lake Payette, the venue offers a breathtaking backdrop of water gently lapping against the building. For this intimate ceremony and reception, the couple chose a smaller, cozier space that perfectly suited their guest list.

The enchanting setting added a touch of romance to every moment, and as the day unfolded, the natural beauty of the venue beautifully complemented the love and joy in the air.

A Bride’s Rave Review

Mary-Clare’s heartfelt testimonial about my photography left me humbled and grateful. She praised not only my talent as a photographer but also my willingness to go above and beyond to ensure their wedding day was perfect. From helping with timelines and settings to offering friendship and support, I was honored to be a part of their special day in such a meaningful way.

Lynnsey is a visual storyteller. As an artist, she instinctively sees all the rules of composition while spontaneously capturing emotional moments. It is obvious she adores her clients and that telling your love story brings her as much joy as it will you. She is extraordinary and will capture every moment you will never want to forget. I could go on for pages about her talent and professionalism, but her photos speak for themselves. If you’re reading this…STOP and book her; you won’t regret it.

— Mary-Clare

Her kind words reflect the passion I have for my craft and my dedication to capturing the emotional essence of each couple’s love story. It’s moments like these that remind me why I love being a wedding photographer – the joy of telling love stories and creating cherished memories.

The Shore Lodge wedding of Mary-Clare and Rich was a day filled with love, family, and unforgettable moments. Their fast love story, the beautiful venue, and the heartfelt connection we formed made it a dream to capture every special moment. As I look back on this wedding, I’m reminded of the joy and privilege that comes with being a wedding photographer.

To couples planning their own special day, I encourage you to find a venue that speaks to your hearts, just like the Shore Lodge did for Mary-Clare and Rich. And to fellow photographers and wedding professionals, may we always strive to create lasting connections with our clients, for that is what makes our work truly exceptional.

Camera Specs: Sony Alpha 7 IV

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