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Candid Photography Tips for Couples


Candid wedding photos have a magical quality that can transport you back to the genuine emotions and cherished memories of your special day. Whether it’s a look shared between mother and daughter or hands trailing down arms during first dance, these are the moments people want to remember. As a photographer, my goal is to capture those candid moments that unfold naturally, reflecting the true essence of your love story. Here are some valuable tips to ensure we capture the most authentic and heartfelt candid shots throughout your wedding day.

Stay Physically Close

Throughout the day, make an effort to stay physically close to each other. Seems obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many couples try to divide and conquer the day, especially when there are so many people to talk to. This is even more important during the reception. By remaining in close proximity, you create numerous opportunities for me to capture candid moments with both of you in the frame. Dancing, mingling, and celebrating together allow me to document your genuine connection and the joy that radiates between you. Plus, it’s your wedding day, spend that time together! It’s about the two of you.

Don’t Hold Back Emotion

On your wedding day, let your emotions flow freely. Whether it’s big laughs, tears of joy, heartfelt hugs, or passionate kisses, don’t hold back. Embrace the raw, authentic moments that unfold naturally. Having cameras in your face can feel weird at times, but I make an effort with my whole team to have us melt into the backdrop and allow you the space to have freedom. While there are posed photos, which I’ll direct you through, the rest of the day is for you to enjoy. These genuine displays of emotion add depth and beauty to your wedding photos, preserving the true essence of your love and the joy of the celebration.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Remember, it’s your special day, and perfection lies in embracing imperfections. Relax and don’t sweat the small stuff. Allow yourself to fully immerse in the joy of marrying your person. When you let go of worries and stress, it shows on your face and in the moments captured. Focus on the love and happiness surrounding you, and trust that everything will fall into place.

Capture Emotional Toasts

Toasts during the reception often elicit heartfelt and emotional responses from both you and your loved ones. These moments are gold for candid photography. The genuine reactions, laughter, and tears create beautiful and memorable images that capture the essence of the celebration. Ensure your photographer is present to capture these precious candid moments.

Consider a First Look

Consider having a first look before the ceremony. This private moment allows you to see each other before exchanging vows, creating a beautiful opportunity for genuine emotions to unfold. A first look not only adds an extra layer of intimacy to your day but also provides more time together, allowing for more candid moments to be captured between the two of you.

Hire the Right Photographer

Choosing the right photographer is crucial when aiming for candid, emotional, and photojournalistic wedding images. Look for someone whose style aligns with your vision, evident in their portfolio and full galleries. A skilled photographer with experience in capturing candid moments will be adept at seamlessly blending into the background while documenting the authentic moments that make your wedding day unique.

candid wedding photos

Candid wedding photos hold the power to transport you back to the genuine emotions, laughter, and tears of your special day. By following these tips, staying physically close, embracing emotions, relaxing, capturing toasts, considering a first look, and hiring the right photographer, you’ll create the perfect environment for authentic moments to unfold. Remember, your wedding day is a celebration of love, and the candid moments captured will be cherished for years to come as a testament to the joyous union between you and your partner.

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