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Sayulita Wedding Video | Kate & Torrey


Sayulita, Mexico Wedding

This Sayulita wedding video is one I’m super excited to blog. I love destination weddings because it allows me to create on a larger scale. I’m tasked with not only documenting the wedding day but the atmosphere of the location they’ve chosen.

Sayulita is known in Mexico as a Pueblo Mágico or “magic village”. I was enchanted by the surf, cobbled streets, and colorful buildings. This place does have a magic about it and I wanted to convey that in the film. I spent a lot of time outside the wedding day documenting life around Sayulita including a cute little kitty at the beginning.

Kate & Torrey just wanted a party for their wedding. And man, it was a party. Her family owns property right in town and has for over 20 years. With local and non-local guests invited, it was raucous and I’m honored to have been a part of it.

They chose the private wedding venue Villa del Oso, a beautiful hillside home with an incredible view of Sayulita beach town. I loved flying the drone over this incredible landscape. Thank you again Kate & Torrey for the opportunity to be your videographer.

Looking for a videographer for your Sayulita wedding? View more of my work and send me a note! I love shooting there and am always down to travel!

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