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Retro Inspired Engagement Session in a Diner


I’m so excited to share Erika & Ryan’s retro inspired engagement session from a few months back. Erika is a prominent Seattle wedding planner with her company The Greatest Adventure Weddings. So it’s an understatement to say that I was nervous for this shoot. But before we get to the images there’s some important context for how this came to be. First off, when planning an engagement session most couples want epic landscapes or locales that are immediately aesthetically pleasing. Understandable!

After watching A Star is Born (specifically the scene where they’re sitting in the gas station parking lot) I was inspired to do a shoot in a similar location. I posted a frame from the film on my Instagram story and asked if anyone was interested. I wasn’t expecting to get any responses. Erika responded with a link to this retro diner / gas station in Eastern Washington and the rest is history. Sometimes it’s fun to mix it up with a location that makes you work for its beauty. We had the diner completely to ourselves. After milkshakes, fries, and few shots of whiskey we moved to a trail for some photos outside.

I can’t wait to photograph their wedding in Isle of Skye, Scotland this spring! To inquire about your own wedding or engagement session, please fill out our contact form!

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