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Sawtooth Mountains Idaho Winter Engagement


Matt & Elizabeth’s engagement session in the Sawtooth Mountains looks freezing (and it was) but worth it to make these images. Getting to Stanley, Idaho in winter can be difficult but if you take your time and enjoy the scenery the trip is gorgeous. 

Our main goal of the session was to capture the epic mountains that deserve their title. They do undoubtedly resemble a saw. If you ever get the chance to do some hiking in the area, the scenes you’ll take in will be even more epic than this. 

These scenes were captured right in town so if you aren’t a long-haul adventurer, there are still sights to be seen. Matt was healing from a broken foot during this session so props to him! We trudged through waist-deep snow and even got our SUV stuck for a hot minute but that didn’t deter us. It was quite amusing and we now have a story to tell. 

What’s most important about engagement sessions is telling the story of you, right now. What is Important to you today? Who are you today/ That answer will change over the years as careers shift, families grow, life moves. So ponder what location sets the stage for your life currently. When you look back on these images, you’ll be transported back to this time. 

That’s what Matt & Elizabeth were thinking about when they chose the Sawtooths. They come here multiple times a year in every season for hiking, camping, snow-shoeing, you name it. The Sawtooths have been the backdrop of their love – I was there to capture it. Thank you for inviting me along for the ride!

I’m Lynnsey

I’d love to tell your story in the Sawtooths or wherever love takes you.

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