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Winter Engagement at Gold Creek Pond


photographed by: Julia Kinnunen-McCauliffe | Senior Associate Photographer

I think all Pacific Northwest photographers have figured this out by now, but there is something uniquely magical about a winter Gold Creek Pond engagement photo shoot. The pond reflects the mountains that rise up around it. Snow on the ground means the whole entire valley glows. That signature Washington green is everywhere. If you’re looking for an easy, walk-up view in Snoqualmie pass for your engagement session, this is the place!

A Sweet Story for a Cute Couple

Alex and Mk were student athletes who met in college, and they bonded over after-practice physical therapy and injury rehab. 9 years later, they’re still together, creating a new life in the Pacific Northwest. Obviously, they enjoy their time outdoors together being active. Doing a Gold Creek Pond engagement shoot created the perfect space for them to be themselves.

When picking your engagement shoot location, I recommend finding a spot that is sentimental or caters to who you are as people. I will help you decide on the location so don’t worry if nothing jumps immediately to mind!

9 years later, they’re still together, creating a new life in the Pacific Northwest.

When Snoqualmie Pass doesn’t behave for your engagement shoot

We had to reschedule their engagement session several times due to weather (Snoqualmie Pass amirite?). And when we finally landed on a day, we nearly froze! Thankfully, Mk and Alex are used to being outdoors, and they rocked it. 

They choose jewel toned outfits which complemented the Washington backdrop (have I talked enough about that Washington green yet?). The cold encouraged cute cuddly photos that were fun to photograph. Plus, these two are adventurous which made it even better.

It’s great at your engagement shoot if you can let go and be yourself. Not only will it capture who you were in that moment, but it’ll be a more carefree experience for you. It’s easier for me to pose you if you relax and enjoy yourself!

boy and girl walk on snow holding hands with trees rising up behind them during gold creek pond engagement session

boy and girl face a river holding each other with snow and green trees around them

boys looks ahead while girl looks at him, both are wearing sweaters during winter engagement shoot

boy and girl face each other with hands touching while standing on snow surrounded by evergreen trees

If you’d like your own winter engagement shoot, reach out to me!

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