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Paris Family Session


I connected with Sariah + Julien through a friend in Seattle, which goes to show that it is, indeed, a small world after all. Bonus: They live in the neighborhood where I was staying in Paris, so they took the liberty of showing me some beautiful hidden spots that I could not have found on my own. As the sun set over the Seine, Zoe led us down the cobblestone streets of the 16th arrondissement on her skateboard. Seriously, this girl skateboards better than I can walk, and is more badass than most people I know. How does she even skateboard on cobblestones? I don’t understand.

Zoe, teach me your ways.

I had such a fantastic time photographing and connecting with you three. Thank you for being my first shoot in Paris! It will not be the last.

More images from Paris are on my personal site. Check it out here.

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