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Montana Wedding Photographer | Gibson Mansion in Missoula


This wedding is so dear to me for a couple big reasons. One, because Glenna + Mat were so easy to connect with beyond just a client/vendor relationship. And two, because Missoula holds such a special place in my heart. It’s my second home.

My grandmother and I used to drive by the Gibson Mansion when I was a kid. It looked glorious, and I totally thought a princess lived there. Little did I know, I’d be photographing this beautiful day twenty years later. 

There were plenty of emotional moments, but my favorite has to be when Glenna’s father said he would be using a prop during his speech, then pulled out a cigar that read “It’s a Girl.” Yes, he still had the cigar from the day she was born. A memento that would normally be packed away was put to good use, and the whole house was in tears because of it. 

I hope you enjoy looking through these images. Happy holidays <3

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