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The Importance of Getting Ready Photos


The question of whether to have your photographer present for the “getting ready” portion of your wedding day is a common one. With a limited amount of time in your photographer’s coverage, you might wonder if it’s worth it. Allow me to convince you why those getting ready photos are absolutely paramount.

getting ready photo

Every Moment Is Precious on a Wedding Day

Some couples may argue that they don’t need getting ready photos, believing they can save time for other essential shots. While that’s a valid concern, the getting ready phase holds unique significance. It’s the prologue to your big day, filled with anticipation, excitement, and those candid moments you’ll treasure forever.

These shots capture the essence of the day’s beginnings, and you’d be surprised how many crucial and memorable moments unfold during this time.

Building Connections During Getting Ready Photos

Your photographer will not only be grateful for this time, but it’s also a valuable opportunity for them to get to know the VIPs of your day, including the bridal party and family. As a photographer, I appreciate this window to build rapport and create a comfortable atmosphere. When I walk into the room, it’s normal for everyone to straighten up and put their best face forward.

However, to capture genuine moments, I need to break down those initial barriers. This requires time spent around me, my camera, and getting to know me.

groom and man hug each other during getting ready photos

Prioritizing Candid Moments

If you value candid and authentic photographs, having your photographer during the getting ready phase is a must. I’m not a wallflower during these moments; I actively engage to connect with the people around. I see this time as an opportunity to build meaningful connections and to demonstrate that having a photographer around isn’t intimidating. This paves the way for people to be themselves and allows me to capture authentic emotions and interactions.

You’ll want these moments documented because they tell the story of your day in a way posed shots can’t.

Time Management Tip

If you’re worried about the time commitment, consider this: you can always allocate less time at the end of your wedding for dancing footage. You won’t need more than an hour for that, I promise. By cutting back on dancing coverage and extending the coverage to include the getting ready phase, you ensure that those precious moments are preserved for a lifetime.

The beginning of your day holds a unique charm and should be embraced as an essential part of your wedding story.

little girl looks out window
bride smiles as she steps away from the mirror

Having your photographer present for getting ready photos offers a multitude of benefits. It allows for the capture of candid and authentic moments, helps build connections, and adds a layer of depth to your wedding story. That’s why I offer 10 hours of coverage, so you don’t even have to decide! While you may have limited time in your photographer’s coverage, this is one segment of the day that you won’t want to miss.

So, give getting ready the time it deserves and treasure the memories it brings.

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