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8 Podcasts to Help You Level Up Your Business


My Favorite Podcasts for Photographers & Videographers: Get the Scoop on Industry Trends!

As a photographer or videographer, running a business is no easy feat. There are days when it can be hard to stay motivated or figure out beneficial ways to market and grow your business. That’s why I wanted to share my favorite podcasts that motivate and keep me fresh. Most are specifically catered to photographers and videographers, but there are a few that are for the solopreneur as well. Let me know which ones you end up liking!

  1. Own Your Business – A terrific podcast for wedding professionals in particular, Own Your Business is hosted by the former Director of Events at Roche Harbor Resort and now the owner of Ideaction Consulting. These short but specific episodes give actionable tips on website strategy, sales, and copywriting strategies.

  2. The ARC Creative Podcast – This podcast is an awesome resource for photographers and videographers that want to explore the creative side of their business. Hosted by my friend Sachin Khona, this podcast focuses on interviewing artists and exploring their processes.

  3. Photo Dump – Hosted by Ren Fuller and Jennifer Chong, is an ideal podcast for photographers and videographers doing commercial work. This podcast gives insight into the inner workings of the commercial world, which is usually quite secretive.

  4. How to Film Weddings – Hosted by John Bunn and Nick Miller, working luxury wedding videographers. They bring in industry experts to talk about the latest trends in wedding photography and videography. Their sense of humor and honest approach to the industry makes it an enjoyable listen.

  5. Play it Brave – If you’re looking to elevate your craft, Play It Brave is an engaging podcast hosted by D’Arcy Benincosa, a wedding photographer and educator. Listen in for interviews with other photographers, inspiring hot takes, and even some motivational messages.

  6. Online Marketing Made Easy – Hosted by marketing powerhouse Amy Porterfield, this podcast helps improve your marketing game. Listen in for advice on everything from launches and selling to website optimization.

  7. Imperfect Action – Another podcast hosted by entrepreneur Steph Taylor, Imperfect Action addresses selling, launching, and overcoming your own blocks. It’s a clever resource for anyone looking to break through their mental barriers and continue growing their business.

  8. The Photo ReportHe hasn’t put out an episode since 2021 but there are still some insightful interviews to listen to! I would skip the business advice episodes as they likely aren’t relevant.

Want my favorite podcasting app?

All these links are for Apple Podcasts because it’s universal. But I really love Pocket Casts as my main listening app. They have a volume boost for speech and helpful filters to keep my usual listens organized. I listen to hundreds of episodes a month so good app makes the experience that much better.

I hope you enjoy these podcasts as much as I do! They’ve been a source of inspiration and an invaluable resource for me.

Happy listening!

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