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Ballet Inspired Styled Bridal Session


I’ve always been captivated by ballerinas. I’m consistently floored by how they can appear so stylish and graceful while performing such unbelievable acts of strength. So yeah, I’ve been dreaming of photographing a ballet-inspired bridal shoot for as long as I’ve had a camera. Amy Kiel (an amazing photographer, producer, stylist, and all-around wonder woman) helped me form the team (literally, the most talented group of ladies I’ve worked with) and we got to work. We decided that our shoot would simultaneously represent both a wedding and a performance. After all, they’re pretty dang similar. Both a ballerina and a bride experience so many different emotions on their big day, and we wanted to find some way of representing that spectrum.

Much like a bride, a ballerina will prepare meticulously for the day to come. Then, adorned in florals, they walk the walk and dance their heart out in front of their greatest fans until the lights fade.

I hope you all enjoy this passion project as much as we enjoyed producing it. This wouldn’t have been possible without:

Production: Amy Kiel Florals: Cozbi Jean Hair + Makeup: Jamyrlyn Mallory Styling: Gwen Stubbs Studio: Enter the Studio

And, most of all, a huge thanks to our incredibly talented ballerina, Hannah Campbell. She danced for us all day starting at 7:00 am, and was a paragon of kindness and grace from beginning to end.

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