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The Orlo Wedding in Tampa, Florida



Becca & Wes’s Emotional Wedding at The Orlo in Tampa, Florida

I’m always so honored when a couple flies me all the way across the country to photograph their wedding day. In a world where it’s easy to bring yourself down, couples like this build me up. They believe in you and also in your art which is so refreshing in such a competitive field. Becca told me at our first meeting that I was the one and when that happens the couple becomes my “one” too.

Becca and Wes were high school sweethearts that went separate ways in their early twenties. Becca pursued a career in nursing and moved to Seattle. Wes stayed on the east coast. They reconnected through texting but just “as friends”. Her family mentioned to me that they all knew what was really going on. Shortly after reconnecting, Wes went to visit Becca in Seattle and things quickly progressed. The spark was back. A year later, they were engaged and planning a wedding.

The best part about traveling to photograph a wedding is you immediately become a part of the festivities. Most of the time you’re invited to all events and in my case, I was staying in the house right next door to Becca’s parents. Even though I was only shooting one day, I was able to get to know everyone over the course of three. Beeca’s parents loved showing me old photos of Becca & Wes in high school and it gave me all feels knowing that they were simply meant to be.

I hope you all enjoy looking through their images as much as I loved photographing them. I aim to tell a story with my work and am constantly looking for moments. This family was well versed in showing affection for one another so it made my job pretty spectacular. Thank you Becca & Wes for trusting me 1000% with your wedding day. It was a honor 🙂

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