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Isle of Skye Couple’s Session


It was a long time coming for Erika & Ryan. 

They originally planned to elope on the Isle of Skye but had to cancel last minute due to Covid. Erika, who’s an amazing wedding planner, planned a second wedding in two weeks on Whidbey Island. Check out those photos here.

Our Scotland plans were still on though! We just didn’t know when. Finally, in March 2022 we boarded a plan and started our trek to the Isle of Skye. A lot had changed since 2020, most noticeable by our new bebe in tow. It was her first international trip of many. It was such a joy bringing my family to work. And I’m so grateful that this is what work looks like. 

Thank you Erika & Ryan for trusting me with your biggest life moments. Your engagement, wedding, and now your love abroad in the Isle of Skye. 

Make sure you scroll to the bottom to see Opal living her best life!

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