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Lazy H Ranch Wedding


I had so much fun documenting Georgia & Zane’s day at the Lazy H Ranch in Atlanta, Idaho. 

When planning their day, they wanted to celebrate the beauty of the Idaho wilderness. The bride grew up in Boise hence the connection to the Sawtooth mountains, the grandest guest in attendance.

The couple are both in PhD programs in separate parts of the country. This joined many circles of friends and family from all over the world. I found myself wondering if the tiny town of Atlanta – which is no more than a few cabins – had ever seen so much diversity.

When Zane reached out he was living in Atlanta, Georgia. Quite amusing when you explain that the groom living in Atlanta, Georgia is marrying a woman named Georgia in Atlanta, Georgia. Was that hard to read? I expected so. 

The day left me full. Artful candids are a favorite of mine to capture. This relaxed day was perfect for documenting small moments. Thank you both for having me and congratulations.

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