Seattle Backyard WeddingSeattle, Washington

It took me so long to blog this, but Emily + Billy’s intimate backyard wedding really is one for the books. We shot their first look in the riverbed of Snoqualmie Falls and then headed to their beautiful home near Lake Tapps. They had just purchased the property and thought it would be the perfect place to host their ceremony and reception. Booking another venue was the original plan, but everything they considered was either too expensive or lacked intimacy. So they went with the backyard!

Everyone pitched in to make this day amazing. Emily’s mother designed all the florals, their friends caught the salmon served at dinner, and the wedding party made the hors d’oeuvres. I was floored by everyone’s love and dedication. Using their backyard started as a financial convenience, but now it’s a symbol of their union that they’ll see everyday. I can’t think of a better way to reminisce.

Ballet Inspired Bridal ShootSeattle Studio

I’ve always been captivated by ballerinas. I’m consistently floored by how they can appear so stylish and graceful while performing such unbelievable acts of strength. So yeah, I’ve been dreaming of photographing a ballet-inspired bridal shoot for as long as I’ve had a camera.

Amy Kiel (an amazing photographer, producer, stylist, and all-around wonder woman) helped me form the team (literally, the most talented group of ladies I’ve worked with) and we got to work. We decided that our shoot would simultaneously represent both a wedding and a performance. After all, they’re pretty dang similar. Both a ballerina and a bride experience so many different emotions on their big day, and we wanted to find some way of representing that spectrum.

Much like a bride, a ballerina will prepare meticulously for the day to come. Then, adorned in florals, they walk the walk and dance their heart out in front of their greatest fans until the lights fade.

I hope you all enjoy this passion project as much as we enjoyed producing it. This wouldn’t have been possible without:

Production: Amy Kiel
Florals: Cozbi Jean
Hair + Makeup: Jamyrlyn Mallory
Styling: Gwen Stubbs
Studio: Enter the Studio

And, most of all, a huge thanks to our incredibly talented ballerina, Hannah Campbell. She danced for us all day starting at 7:00 am, and was a paragon of kindness and grace from beginning to end.

Seattle Adventure EngagementLake Cushman

This Seattle engagement’s been waiting far too long to be posted. I know what you’re thinking; “Lynnsey! Why did it take you so long to post this session!” To which I can only say that I’ve been a bit behind with updating the blog this year… but no longer! There’s a new year on the horizon, and with it comes a whole new phase for Lionlady.

You may not know this, but for the past few years I’ve operated Lionlady Photography while working various other full-time jobs in the Seattle area. This year marks my first time relying entirely on photography. It’s gonna be hard, but I think I’m ready. Baby bird’s gotta fly sometime, amirite? Anyway, on to the shoot.

Earlier this year, Joey and Katie joined me on an adventure to Lake Cushman, a beautiful little getaway just two hours southwest of Seattle. I’m so happy that they were willing to drive so far for their session. Finding a novel location in the immediate Seattle area can be a bit challenging at times, but there are tons of unique locales just outside of our little sphere. And unique doesn’t even begin to describe the crown jewel that is Lake Cushman.

This Tolkienesque landscape has great stumps and trunks of fallen giants, towering emerald mountains on all sides, and a gorgeous, placid mirror of a lake in the middle of it all. Lake Cushman is a treasure, and should be added to your PNW bucket list ASAP.

If you still need convincing, flip through the photos below. If you’re already convinced, you should still look at the photos. This is a photoblog, after all.




Los Angeles Couple SessionLos Angeles, California

I first met Adam at the University of Idaho, where we both studied film and digital media. Through working together on various short films and other projects, one thing became exceedingly clear: This kid is all heart. Given only two words to describe him, I would have to choose “Golden Retriever.”

Adam has lived in the Los Angeles area for a few years now, so I don’t get to see him as much as I’d like. A bit of a bummer, but there is a silver lining to his time down there. He met Kathy.

Adam is like a brother to me and that comes with having high expectations for his significant other. I could list them all out, but you don’t want to be here all day. All that matters is that Kathy exceeded them. By a lot. Like, imagine LeBron James competing against a toddler in a game of one-on-one. Visualizing that? Cool. You get it. So yeah, I’m smitten with this girl, and I’m so happy that she’s with Adam. Simply being in the presence of their love makes me grin from ear to ear. They just have such deep, genuine feelings for each other, and I think that translated effortlessly to the camera. Take a peek at the images below, and I dare you not to be moved by their love.

Tuscany Couple SessionFlorence, Italy

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of escaping into the Tuscan countryside with Daniela and Alessandro. Daniela, a fellow wedding photographer, has been lucky enough to live in Florence for the past two years. Meanwhile, Alessandro has called this beautiful city his home since he was a kid! My jealousy is showing.

Florence is one of those cities that can become your whole world. Giant delicious sandwiches, gelato on every corner, and more legendary Renaissance art than anyone could appreciate in a single lifetime. If you’ve never been, you should change that.

A few recommendations:
Gelato: Perché no!…
Lunch: All’antico Vinaio
Dinner: La Buchetta (recommended by Daniela + Alessandro!)

For this shoot, we drove up the windy roads northeast of Florence and found some truly breathtaking vistas near Settignano. Take a look at the photos below, and let me know what you think in the comments!

Paris Family SessionParis, France

I connected with Sariah + Julien through a friend in Seattle, which goes to show that it is, indeed, a small world after all. Bonus: They live in the neighborhood where I was staying in Paris, so they took the liberty of showing me some beautiful hidden spots that I could not have found on my own.

As the sun set over the Seine, Zoe led us down the cobblestone streets of the 16th arrondissement on her skateboard. Seriously, this girl skateboards better than I can walk, and is more badass than most people I know. How does she even skateboard on cobblestones? I don’t understand.

Zoe, teach me your ways.

I had such a fantastic time photographing and connecting with you three. Thank you for being my first shoot in Paris! It will not be the last.

More images from Paris are on my personal site. Check it out here.

Intimate Beach Wedding | Discovery ParkSeattle, Washington

Ari + Rachel did what very few couples do. They personally announced their engagement to a small number of people, and had a private beach wedding in Seattle’s Discovery Park. Many didn’t find out that their wedding plans were progressing until after the wedding day had already passed. This gesture struck me as particularly romantic because it’s a reminder that sometimes it’s okay for our most intimate moments to remain intimate. So often we use social media as a permanent extension of who we are—to the point that if it we didn’t post about an event, then it didn’t happen. The internet should never serve as your final stamp of approval. There’s a real world out there, with real people that matter far more than any amount of likes, comments, shares, and followers.

I know, it’s a bit backwards for me make these kinds of statements through the very medium that I’m criticizing. People are weird, messy, and full of contradictions. I’m no exception. C’est la vie.

A+ R, you two are amazing together. It was such a beautiful day, and I’m so honored to have been there to capture it for you.


Stacey + MarcSeattle, Washington

I had such a great time spending the day with Stacey + Marc for their Seattle engagement session. We strolled through Upper Queen Anne before heading to the hills, where they released sky lanterns in the exact spot that Marc proposed. How **freaking** romantic. These two are incredible together, and I’m so grateful they chose me to be their photographer. Can’t wait for their wedding in April! Be sure to follow along on Instagram @lionladyphoto

Seattle Engagement PhotographerSeattle Engagement PhotographerSeattle Engagement PhotographerSeattle Engagement PhotographerSeattle Engagement PhotographerSeattle Engagement PhotographerSeattle Engagement PhotographerSeattle Engagement PhotographerSeattle Engagement PhotographerSeattle Engagement PhotographerSeattle Engagement PhotographerSeattle Engagement PhotographerSeattle Engagement PhotographerSeattle Engagement PhotographerSeattle Engagement PhotographerSeattle Engagement PhotographerSeattle Engagement PhotographerSeattle Engagement Photographer

Glenna + MatMissoula, Montana

It would be a huge understatement to say that Montana holds a special place in my heart. More than a hundred years ago my family settled a plot of land beneath the Mission mountains, and I’m reminded of that history every time I make a trip back to this beautiful state. Big mountains. Big lakes. Big sky. This is where I belong.

So, with that said, it’s easy to see why I’ve always wanted to shoot in Montana, and the stars magically aligned for Glenna + Mat’s Missoula session. In the hours leading up to the shoot, the skies were black and rain was falling in sheets across the rolling hills. So yeah, things weren’t looking good. But some optimistic part of me thought it would be a decent idea to drive to our location anyway, and I’m so happy I did. The clouds parted just long enough for our shoot and treated us to a freaking phenomenal Montana sunset. Thank you Glenna + Mat for finding this great location and going along with all my crazy ideas. You two are awesome!

Be sure to check out the details of my Europe Tour this fall! I’d love to connect and meet people along the way.

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