My dad’s parents don’t have any photos from their wedding. I love looking at old family pictures, so it guts me to know that I’ll never see what that day was like. More than anything else, that’s why I’m a wedding photographer.

My mission is to keep you and your family from ever having to experience that feeling. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and every moment of it is meant to be documented. Your wedding photos should send you back in time, so I strive to capture every fleeting bit of silliness, authenticity, and heartfelt emotion.

This passion for preserving moments has always been reflected in my desire to see the rest of the world. Finding new places to take photos is my way of injecting a little excitement into my life, so I love it when couples invite me along on their travels. No matter where in the world, I’m happy to hit the road and make it happen.

Our journey doesn’t just start on your wedding day. From the moment you reach out, I’m available to help. I know weddings can be hard work, so let me know if you need any guidance on scheduling, styling, venues, or pretty much anything else.


I’m based in Seattle and shoot weddings and engagements all over. If you think we’d make a great match, let’s chat! I can’t wait to meet you and talk about your big day.


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May: Kauai
June: New York City
July: Los Angeles
September: San Francisco + Montana

Will you be in any of these places? Let’s set up a shoot!